Why is Online Gaming Going Viral?

3 min readApr 15, 2022


The game industry is on the rise. Currently, there are over one billion online players worldwide. For instance, 77% of millennials and 81% of Gen Z representatives enjoy it as their key hobby to spend time on. So, what makes it so popular? One may say this is the result of new technologies, dope graphics, catchy advertisements, and sophisticated marketing tricks. Well, these aspects count, but we want to go deeper into the true powers of online gaming that attract new players daily. Let’s deep dive!

Easy to Start

Unlike many hobbies, such as Alpinism or Golf, gaming doesn’t require any extra skills, peculiar locations, striking risks, and huge investments to start. All you need is your free time and a computer.

Offer Lots of Choices

Games vary in genres, shapes, structures, sounds, plots, and colors. You can experiment with sandboxes, action adventures, real-time strategy (RTS), shooters (FPS and TPS), and multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA). Next, you can dive into platformers and role-playing games (RPG, ARPG, and More), simulation and sports, puzzlers and party games, survival and horrors. In a word, anyone can find something special to fall in love with.

Reduces Stress

Though gaming is widely blamed for increasing anxiety, in reality, things are quite the opposite. Scientists have proven that playing video games brings stress relief for 87% of players. As for anxiety, it may be common only among gamers who have an addiction problem. Fortunately, they make up only 10% of gamers worldwide.

COVID-19 also boosted the rise of gaming and proved its efficiency. During the pandemic, 71% of respondents were playing games more than before the lockdown. Meanwhile, 58% of them claim that playing games enabled them to decrease stress, feel comfortable, escape from the routine, and get negative thoughts off their minds.

Brings Joy

90% of gamers claim that they play games to feel joy and happiness, and 87% also admit that video games stimulate their mental health and decrease their apathy. Meanwhile, 79% of respondents say that playing inspires them, boosts their self-confidence, and motivates them to set new goals.

Increases Socialization

77% of gamers play games with other users. 80% of gamers admit that playing online enables them to meet new people and make friends from all over the world. Noteworthy, 84% of respondents admit that gaming is not about trashy communication, but about finding the right supportive community and like-minded fellows with the same interests, aims, and dreams. 64% of gamers confess that video games brought romance to their life and enabled them to find partners.

Meanwhile, gaming is also beneficial to stay in touch with old friends: according to research by J. Clement, 77% of players regard online video games as a fit tool to maintain contacts.

Boosts Skills

Gaming broadens players’ outlook. For instance, 87% of gamers admit that online video games enabled them to find new interests. Meanwhile, 85% of respondents claim that, with the help of gaming, they found new topics to discuss and explore. 83% of players even confess that they learned more about themselves.

At the same time, gaming develops cognitive skills, adaptability, resourcefulness, and critical thinking. 81% of respondents claim that playing online improved their teamwork skills as well.

Brings Income

Years ago gaming was regarded as a waste of time and money, however, the introduction of the Play To Earn model has changed the industry. Now over 40 million players worldwide enjoy playing crypto games to earn money. Probably, their income is impressive: in the Philippines, a significant part of the whole population sets P2E gaming as their stable job. This is where Takeus.io steps in to offer a simple and more efficient platform if you are serious about being a participant in the Play to Earn economy.


The number of online gamers is increasing worldwide daily. Players of all ages and backgrounds regard it as a fit way to escape the routine and increase serotonin. But now gaming can offer even more things to obsess over. Thanks to P2E, one can turn a hobby into a career. A legit reason for the popularity of gaming, don’t you think?





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