TOP 5 Reasons for Becoming a Scholar

3 min readMay 3, 2022


NFT, Play-to-Earn gaming, and scholarships are among the most discussed aspects of contemporary blockchain. If you want to get convinced in this, just google something like “play to earn scholarships”. Probably, you are likely to receive over 47M links: just in Indonesia and the Philippines there are over 40 000 P2E players. In a word, this industry seems to be truly popular and beneficial. So, let’s point out its main advantages.

Hobby Made a Job

As you might have guessed, not all the scholars join P2E just for the sake of income. For many of them, gaming is one of the most significant life aspects, a passion that brings them inspiration and energy, and the hobby they are amazed to spend much time on. Meanwhile, the constantly growing industry amazes them with numerous options. The list of NFT games is growing nearly daily, and the number of modes and characters is developing too. So, one can easily have much fun exploring the diverse world of P2E, find the fittest options and focus on them. For instance, one day, a scholar may explore the digital space and, the next day, switch to some magical medieval battles. Possibilities are numerous. So, though P2E is a job, it has nothing to do with conventional office routine. Contrary to this, it is a journey into the intriguing unknown. The journey is sure to be up to one’s street.

Amazing Community

P2E is not about being solo or being blamed for playing games. Here one is sure to be surrounded by the support of trainers and the amazing community of like-minded fellows. As scholars confess, they make new acquaintances and enjoy the bursting flame of positivity, optimism, and recognition. So, P2E may be a good choice even for non-gamers who fight with depression, want to cure anxiety, or have experienced burnout at previous jobs.

Upgrade of Skills

P2E is always about mastering skills and broadening one’s outlook. So, scholars are constantly upgrading their mastery and consequently staying positive. According to this research, the more skills one has, the happier this person is. Meanwhile, acquiring new knowledge makes people healthier, increases adaptability, boosts likability and keeps them relevant.

Decent Income

As numerous scholars from the Philippines, Indonesia, Argentina, and other low-income countries facing economic crises prove, P2E is the amazing way of being financially stable even in such dark times as the pandemic. Noteworthy, salaries of P2E players are not influenced by inflation, are always handed out on time, and are noticeably higher than the average salaries in the countries where most scholars are located.

Impressive Perspectives

In terms of the industry itself, numerous blockchain experts claim that the successful results that P2E shows now are only the beginning. So, a more impressive development is expected. Some specialists even assume that P2E is likely to become the future of the whole gaming industry. As we’ve already mentioned in one of the previous articles, the founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, predicts that in 5 years, 90% of the gaming market will go Play-to-Earn. And, though such figures may seem pretty unreal now, nobody can say that they are completely impossible. For instance, nobody expected the industry’s growth during the pandemic and the NFT craze of 2021. So, whatever speed the P2E’s progress will have, it will boost advances in technology, motivate developers to frame more diverse and competitive games, and, last but not least, increase the incomes of scholars.

Meanwhile, scholars already have marvelous opportunities for career advancement. Just imagine: they enter the industry, go through special training, master their skills, play, earn, and have opportunities to become trainers themselves. Next, they may set and achieve bigger goals. For instance, they can become P2E advisors, participate in game development, and etc. As one can say, the sky is the limit for career opportunities in the P2E industry!


Though P2E is still not at its most, it is already an attractive adventure to join. While conventional jobs may be dull or hard to achieve, this industry is open for everyone, promises much fun, amazing acquaintances, personal development, impressive salaries, and promising perspectives. So, being a scholar means choosing an unbeaten career track in a safe, sound, and beneficial way.





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