TakeUs! partners with CryptoBlades to feature the project’s in-game assets for rent

Greetings, dear community members! Or should we better say “Greetings, fellow warriors”, cause today we are entering a gothic Kingdom, filled with battles and unpredictable twists of faith. We’re introducing TakeUs! brand new partner — CryptoBlades, and welcome you on our thrilling adventure.

About CryptoBlades

Created by the talented international team of Riveted Games, CryptoBlades is a revolutionary web-based NFT roleplaying game. Participate in raids, defeat enemies, create unique weapons, increase their power, and of course, get your generous rewards. Just like in the old times of weapon forging, members of CryptoBlades’ community become true craftsmen: you are free to trade your characters and weapons on an open marketplace. Gamers can also stake their SKILL earnings and receive additional SKILL as a reward. CryptoBlades is an immersive world, that unites gamers from around the globe through exciting gameplay and top-notch P2E mechanics.

Apart from making history on the vast CryptoBlades’ battlefield, you become a real landlord: CryptoBlades Kingdoms will have its own 5000x5000 grid map, with different kinds of tiers of lands. Some will be randomly given to players, and others you can buy according to your gameplay strategy, and others you have to raid and own that way. Each land will come with different advantages and resources, where the alliance will play a critical role in a quest towards the CryptoBlades Kingdoms.

Having a clear vision of their mission, CryptoBlades’ team provides a fun and profitable experience for the players, creates a healthy and excited community around blockchain gaming, and builds an ecosystem of Play-to-Earn systems to meet the needs of all gamers from around the world. Hard work most definitely pays off and CryptoBlades’ progress numbers scale daily. With $74K total rewards distributed to players, top titles as their partners, and more than 10K subscribers on social media since the initial launch in January 2021, it’s safe to say that the journey of CryptoBlades has only started and there’s much more to come!

CryptoBlades x TakeUs!

CryptoBlades’ game process is closely intertwined with NFTs and their trading between players. A partnership with TakeUs! is a win-win for both parties: from our side, we will feature the project’s in-game assets for rent and partner up with one of the most promising projects on the market, while CryptoBlades will boost their game economy and lower the threshold of entry for new players. The community of CryptoBlades will get the opportunity to rent out the best weapons and lands, making the game process even more intense and player’s rewards higher. Let’s make the CryptoBlades’ Kingdom greater together!

Cheers to new victories! Follow us on social media to stay tuned:

Website: www.cryptoblades.io/

Discord: discord.gg/cryptoblades

Twitter: twitter.com/BladesCrypto

Chat: t.me/CryptoBlades_General

Announcements: t.me/cryptoblades

Website: takeus.io



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