TakeUs! partners with BattleVerse to feature the project’s in-game assets for rent

2 min readApr 8, 2022

Dear community members, hold on tight! Today we are having a trip to the constantly expanding world of BattleVerse, where amazing creatures are waiting for you to join their universe. You can have much fun with them almost in a click: TakeUs! is collaborating with BattleVerse to feature the project’s in-game assets for rent. We want to explore the new world together with you. So, let our journey start!

About BattleVerse

Rapidly growing, mysterious, enchanting, and exciting — these are the right words to describe BattleVerse, the digital world with opportunities to obsess over. Here new planets constantly emerge and bring you new races to meet. Each creature has peculiar abilities. Some are good at attacking, others have amazing defensive skills or something to surprise you. For example, Baby Combat Bots are dreaming of humanization. To achieve their goal, they have unique weapons, protection, and platform. Each creature is unique even within its race, so you will surely fall in love with the gameplay of BattleVerse. And, of course, earn by playing.

The world of BattleVerse encourages users to choose their path and shape their unique gaming experience. For instance, players may choose PvP, PvE, or staking. Some can participate in battles for rewards, develop their fighting characters, work hard, and become the very best gamers in the Intergalactic Tournaments. The ones, who are not much into competing, may turn into brave adventurers or outstanding merchants selling gear. Others, for example, may own factories, plants, fields, and groves. Whatever you choose, each mode enables you to make the most of your skills, enjoy involving tasks and get the desired reward. In a word, you will never be bored or disenchanted.

Are you already head over heels with the project? Let us talk about it a bit more. BattleVerse is rated as the 3rd best project in the BSC GameFi Hackathon and is going to upgrade further. The unique feature of the game is Multichain technology: users may manage their assets by interacting with different blockchains.

TakeUs! x BattleVerse

BattleVerse will enable TakeUs! users to make the most of their creativity. Meanwhile, by featuring BattleVerse’s game assets for rent, TakeUs! lets the broader audience join the new world of adventures and battles. The collaboration means that BattleVerse will make the game more accessible for newcomers and boost the growth of its economy. So, TakeUs! is incredibly happy to contribute to the development of the enchanting world of BattleVerse!

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