Future of P2E

3 min readApr 29, 2022

Already viral, Play to Earn games keep growing and are said to change the whole gaming industry. However, what exactly can we expect? Studies offer different predictions, so, not to tease you with loads of information, TakeUs! has gathered the key findings to learn. Check them out!

Impressive Investments

In 2021, NFT game sales reached $5.17B and brought over $4.8B in revenue. However, it was only the beginning of the industry’s growth. According to DappRadar, in January 2022 alone, P2E games raised $1B. At such a rate, the industry is supposed to reach $300B by 2025. This incredible sum means that the field is sure to attract huge investments, generate additional revenues, and gain more recognition.

More Players

Alexis Ohanian, the founder of Reddit, claims: “In 5 years, 90% of people will not play a video game unless they are being properly valued for that time”. If he is right, P2E will be packed with players. But even if he exaggerates, the industry is sure to grow. According to this research, 32% of gamers would quit their full-time job to devote themselves to P2E games. Considering that most of them, 79%, are between 25 and 44 years old, the gaming audience is to stay and grow.

At the same time, the current players are likely to upgrade their skills, grow into real profits, develop their careers in the blockchain industry, and earn more. Consequently, they will have impressive opportunities, improve their living conditions, and have less stress. Who knows, maybe the successful gamers not only attract more newcomers but also change the attitude to gaming at large and reshape it into a classy career opportunity.

Higher Visibility

P2E games keep gaining more popularity daily. Firstly, gaming companies constantly launch collaborations and represent themselves in the media. Secondly, numerous celebrities, such as Akon, join the industry and attract wider audiences. Thirdly, such inspiring stories as the one about how P2E changed the lives of players from the Philippines engage new players. Additionally, the gamers themselves are speaking about their personal experiences in blogs and interviews. As a result, the industry grows more visible with undoubtedly extended coverage to follow.

Impressive Investments

NFT games attract investors by their current growth and predictable development. Meanwhile, such digital assets are also legit due to decentralization and security. So, the market is destined to grow with more investors joining. Noteworthy, players themselves are also much into contributing to the community. Additionally, the development of gaming mechanics and modes is supposed to embrace P2E community members with new earning opportunities.

More Games

Demand begets supply: the more games enter the market and the more involved the audience is, the faster the industry develops. So, the number of Play to Earn games will grow and new genres will be likely to appear. To keep the products competitive, developers will have to work hard on their creation, adopt new tools, focus on quality, introduce revolutionary ideas, apply new technologies, and study the market. Hopefully, P2E games are supposed to be thoroughly explored by marketers and even scientists.

Real Metaverses

The concept of the metaverse is widely discussed and linked to the P2E industry. In a nutshell, P2E is bringing revenues and introducing more people to digital reality. Consequently, the higher the revenues of the P2E industry are, the more time and money will be invested in the further development of metaverses.


P2E has already shown impressive results, meanwhile, the industry is growing increasingly. And, though nobody can be 100% sure about its future, it has a big chance to be tremendous. So, let’s become a part of it now. Explore games, earn money, and learn more amazing facts with TakeUs!