Effects of Gaming on Cognition

4 min readApr 22, 2022


Video gaming is regarded as the key source of entertainment. Now its industry is larger than the movie and music industries together. Probably, 26% of the world’s population plays games: children, teenagers, and adults. Meanwhile, video games affect their cognitive abilities. Is this influence positive or negative? Today TakeUs! is going to investigate the matter by exploring scientific studies.

What is Cognition

Cognition is the combination of mental processes that affect gaining knowledge and comprehension. They include thinking, knowing, remembering, judging, problem-solving, language, imagination, perception, and planning. In a word, this is something that enables humans to learn, react, and live.

How Gaming Affects Cognition

Most researchers agree that video games are highly beneficial for mental health enhancement. The results come from the gaming mechanics, visuals, plots, and sounds. And, though the game mechanics are too variable to distinguish any exact incentive schemes, the development of cognition via gaming is potentially caused by changes in brain function and brain structure. This assumption has been proven in 22 reviewed studies and 100 analyzes of changes in brain functionality and behavior thanks to gaming.

In a word, similar to reading, gaming boosts cognitive development, because this process is thought-provoking. However, gaming involves more sensory organs and, consequently, has a more significant effect on cognitive abilities. Scientists even admit that gaming is likely to improve the reading skills of children. So, if gaming may be this efficient, what do other researchers say? Let’s dive into more studies.

Key Findings

To explore the matter as thoroughly as possible, we analyzed 52 scientific papers. Some of them indicated approximately the same results. So, not to tease you with loads of information, we want to show you the key findings of all the studies that may surprise you and, who knows, even motivate you to start playing.

Cognitive Skills at Large

27 experimental and literature review studies prove that video games significantly improve cognitive skills and decision-making skills. The most beneficial games include real-time strategies (RTS). Noteworthy, gaming is helpful for adults whose work requires a risk assessment. For instance, doctors and nurses who stimulate their cognitive abilities by playing games better weigh up the risks during their work.

The study by Dr. Tiejun Liu points out that real-time strategy players have faster information processing than those who don’t play games. Meanwhile, they have a high level of visual thinking. The same research proves that long-term experience of action real-time strategy games improves temporal visual selective attention. So, various genres affect cognition differently. For instance, visual working memory is especially boosted by action games and adventure games.

The study on the case of action video gaming highlights that video games improve perception and attentional control. The research on spatial skills in men and women shows that mental spatial rotation abilities are boosted by driving-racing games, especially for women.

Effects on Children

The research on the influence of gaming on children shows that gaming improves their knowledge, analogy, processing speed, deductive reasoning, and mathematical intelligence.

Effects on the Elderly

The study published in Nature shows that games improve the cognitive performance of older adults and even reverse brain effects caused by aging. 12 hours of gaming boosted working memory and sustained the attention of respondents.

Extra Effects

Additionally, researches show that video gaming may cure depression, and improve the mood of adults with cognitive impairment. The thing is that playing influences emotional responses positively.

Negative Observations

According to all the data, gaming positively influences cognition. But can things be this spotless? For instance, some experiments show that shooting games may lead to the atrophy in the hippocampus, a part of the brain responsible for spatial and episodic memory. However, to face this problem, players need to play for 90 hours without significant breaks. Hopefully, human bodies are not ready for such marathons.

As well as that, non-controlled gaming may shape addiction, provoke pathological aggression, and reduce interest. Fortunately, only small groups of people are prone to such consequences. However, if you want to prevent any potential side-effects of gaming, we recommend you find a fit solution.


When we speak about gaming and weigh its pros and cons, the pros win. Meanwhile, to make your gaming experience as efficient as possible, we recommend you try various games before focusing on the most involving one, find a cordial community of players with the same interests and play healthy. By “healthy” we mean that playing should enable you to upgrade your skills and have some extra external motivation, such as money. NFT games are especially fit for this. In this industry, you are likely to enjoy a huge variety of thought-provoking games. Then, you are sure to meet like-minded people from all over the world. Also, you are motivated to develop your skills constantly and “grow” your NFTs, because the better your results are, the more you will earn. The secret is that the brand new Play to Earn mode enables players to turn gaming into their source of income.

Probably, the P2E mode also prevents addictions: when people regard playing as a job, they don’t overplay. Meanwhile, their cognitive skills upgrade gradually. So, healthy, efficient, and even financially beneficial gaming is at your disposal. If you want to start, TakeUs! is here for you. In the near future, we will be happy to provide you with deep expertise and amazing opportunities for NFTs renting.


Gaming has proven to be efficient for cognitive abilities. At the same time, it can also be beneficial for your emotional well-being and, thanks to the P2E mode, for your purse. So, be sure to rely on science, and explore the new opportunities with TakeUs!.





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