15 Types of Scholars

4 min readMay 6, 2022


Play-to-Earn games are not about income only. It is made by people and for people. So, it has a lot of space for fun. To celebrate it, we’ve talked to numerous scholars and tried to categorize them in an amusing way. So, enjoy our 15 categories, laugh, and guess what types of scholars are the most common.

Friendly Disclaimer

Before reading this funny article, remember that it has nothing to deal with negativity, gender, racial, and age-related stereotypes. Contrary to this, it is the feast of inclusivity and diversity. We adore players of all kinds, evaluate them equally, admire their persistence, and know for sure that they all boost the development of the whole industry.

The Breadwinner

As you can guess from the title, this type of scholar aims to earn as much as possible. This person is likely to develop skills constantly and choose the most efficient games. Probably, to achieve more, the breadwinner is even ready to work extra hours.

The Adventurer

This type of scholar is much into adventures. Such players prefer games with tricky plots to enjoy, colorful worlds to explore, and modes that include numerous quests and tasks. The more they learn about the industry and game mechanics, the less time they need to win in the most elaborate competitions.

The Warrior

Such players like to compete. Probably, they do their best to become the top scholars in their guilds. Meanwhile, they prefer games with battles, fancy armament, and impressive graphics. Highly motivated, ambitious, and consistent, they are the ones who can win in any competition.

The Experimentalist

This type of scholar is always open to something new. Probably, this person enjoys experimenting with games, modes, and tactics. Such players definitely adore testing different mechanics and are likely to worship games with complicated designs and unpredictable plots. Their work has nothing to do with routine.

The One Who Has Never Liked Gaming Before

Some scholars enter the world of P2E accidentally. They may be unaware of the industry, have no gaming skills, and still get on board. Probably, they join P2E for the sake of money or career opportunities. However, as our research shows, they fall in love with gaming, see its beauty, and enjoy the processes. Such scholars get a new hobby that sometimes grows into their passion. Noteworthy, some players of his type are likely to start playing on weekends. Just for fun, can you imagine?

The Fresh Blood

These are all newcomers who join the industry. They have numerous questions, try various strategies, and, frankly speaking, feel pretty insecure. Hopefully, some platforms and guilds offer them efficient training. So, the fresh blood has impressive chances of learning the ropes of P2E without stress, pressure, and doubts.

The Old-Timer

This type depicts the experienced players who have been working as scholars for a long time. Their actions are always accurate, and their self-confidence is high. They know how to play efficiently, make correct choices, and need only a game title to predict what it will be about and what strategies it will need.

The Dreamer

Such ambitious players always tease huge goals, and, probably, if they work as hard as they dream, they are likely to achieve them. They are the people who enter the game and want to grow into trainers in a few months, design NFTs of their own, and even develop games.

The Perfectionist

This type of scholar adores reflecting on gaming. They analyze their actions and master their skills like there is no tomorrow. Probably they do their best not to make mistakes and are ready to repeat the same tactics till their performance becomes spotless.

The Joker

Every occupation has its local jokes and memes, but such scholars find fun in everything they do. They are full of optimism and creativity, laugh at their mistakes, and see something amusing in every game. Of course, this attitude enables them to live through any difficulties and turn even the most complicated task into a lambency of fun. Noteworthy, they are the ones who never give up and always inspire other players.

The Strategist

This type is similar to the perfectionist. However, the two types tease different goals. If a perfectionist wants to act faultlessly, the strategist is ready to make mistakes because his main aim is to develop a fit strategy to use and upgrade in the future. Probably, such scholars always have amazing gaming secrets under their sleeves.

The Visionaire

Visionaries are the ones who are always full of ideas, inspiration, and creativity. Whatever they do, they always see room for improvement and are ready to offer solutions that may be efficient for the whole industry.

The Influencer

Such scholars adore P2E, constantly talk about their occupation, and invite friends to join the party. Our research has shown that they tend to have blogs about their experience and the industry. Probably, they are more efficient in attracting fresh blood than any marketing strategies because their love for gaming is true, and their words are sincere.

The Teacher

This type of scholar is nuts about giving advice, sharing his gaming secrets, interacting with other scholars, and, as you can guess, is the most likely to become a trainer.

The Master of Time-Management

Such scholars know how to use their time wisely and mix business with pleasure: they wake at the same hours, work the same hours, and have enough leisure. So, they manage to have numerous hobbies.


All players are unique. Meanwhile, they have some common traits to distinguish, describe, and put a smile on one’s face. Also, the same person can relate to several of the mentioned types or even recognize themselves as an unstated one. If you have any details or ideas, you are welcome to describe them in commentaries.





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